Coronation Class



Number Built






Tractive Effort

40,000 lbf (180 kN)

The Coronation Class was a class of locomotives built by the London Midland & Scottish Railway.


Designed by William Stannier the Coronation Class was set of express locomotives, some of which when they where built came in a streamlined casing but this was later emoved of the locomotives. some of this class was named 'Duchesses' (eg. Duchess of Hamilton) and some where given City names (eg. City of Edinburugh) but they where always known to the workers of the LMS as Big Lizzies.&nbsp

The streamlining was removed from the fitted locomotives from 1946 onwards. It had been found to be a little value at speeds below 90 mph (140 km/h), and was unpopular with running shed employees as it caused difficulty of access to maintenance staff. Only three locos were still streamlined at the end of the LMS period and they had been stripped by the end of 1949. Only 46243 City of Lancaster carried its British Railways number while streamlined.

Initially de-streamlined locomotives could readily be recognised by the sloping top to the front of the smokebox. All were eventually re-equipped with fully round smokeboxes. The sloping top led to the train-spotters' nickname of Semis (i.e. semi-streamlined).



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