TOAD Brake Van


20 Tons


Great Western Railway (UK)

British Railways

Built by

Great Western Railway


Grey (GWR)

Brown (BR)

The Great Western Railway (UK) commonly used the TOAD or AA Class brake vans on the end of their trains


There where many different types of GWR TOAD brake vans all with minor changes on them to the original model. The standard TOAD weighed in a 20 tons and was normally used for the back of goods trains. Many of TOADs were passed on to British Railways and appeared in a brown livery.

Many GWR TOADs are now in preservation and can be found amongst the rolling stock of many different Railways around Britian.


In FictionEdit

  • The Rev. W. Awdry charecter Toad is a TOAD brake van.
  • A TOAD brake van appeared in the 'Titfield Thunderbolt'


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