1956 - 1960

Total Production


UIC Configuration


Engine Type

4-Stroke Diesel

The ALCO RSD-15 is a American locomotive class.


Built by the American Locomotive Company between August 1956 and June 1960, 75 locomotives were produced.

The locomotive rode on a pair of three-axle Trimount trucks, in an AAR C-C wheel arrangement, with all axles powered by General Electric model 752 traction motors. These trucks have an asymmetrical axle spacing due to the positioning of the traction motors. The six-motor design allowed higher tractive effort at lower speeds than an otherwise similar four-motor design.

The RSD-15 could be ordered with either a high or low short hood; railfans dubbed the low short hood version "Alligators", on account of their unusually long low noses.


Railroad Quantity Road numbers Notes
Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe Railway 50 800–849 Low nose
Duluth, Missabe and Iron Range Railroad 6 50–55 Later Bessemer and Lake Erie Railroad 881-886
Pennsylvania Railroad 6 8611–8616 Later Penn Central 6811–6816.
Southern Pacific Railroad 3 250–252 Low nose
St. Louis Southwestern Railway 10 5150–5159 Low nose
Canadian Pacific Railway 1 8921 RSD-17


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